NYPPEX Seeks Protections for Investors and Private Equity Funds Regarding SEC's New Rules

Secondary Private Equity Market Commentary 
by Laurence G. Allen

NYPPEX, one of the world’s leading providers of secondary private market liquidity and data for investors in alternative funds, today announced highlights from its recent comment letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the SEC’s proposed new rules for private funds.

Based on its survey to approximately 2,300 institutional and private client limited partners in private equity funds and private fund attorneys, below are recommendations by NYPPEX to the SEC to enhance protections for investors as well as private equity funds.

Regarding the SEC’s proposed rule that GP-Led Secondary Transactions require Fairness Opinions, NYPPEX recommended:

a) an exemption be provided for private funds under $250 million, that a fairness opinion not be required as proposed by the SEC, as a fairness opinion would be cost prohibitive for smaller funds, particularly feeder funds with private client investors that typically incur higher fees and expenses; and,

b) an exemption be provided for private funds that hold a competitive bidding process among 3 or more secondary buyers, that a fairness opinion not be required as proposed by the SEC; and,  

c) fairness opinions include both Terms as well as Price, as GP-led secondary transactions are generally complex even for sophisticated investors to understand.

Regarding the SEC’s proposed rule on Fiduciary and Conflicts Responsibilities for Private Funds, NYPPEX recommended:

a. that private funds should not be bound by state securities regulations that conflict with federal securities regulations.

In general, NYPPEX agrees with the SEC’s proposed new rule that private funds have a fiduciary and conflict of interest duty to follow both state securities regulations and federal securities regulations; provided that a state’s securities regulation does not conflict with a federal securities regulation.

For example, in the State of New York, NYPPEX believes that the Office of the New York Attorney General is under the mistaken view that private fund investments in affiliates are “self-dealing” and fraudulent under the New York State Martin Act – which has an extraordinarily low threshold because it does not require scienter – a showing of knowledge and specific intent to deceive, as is required to establish fraud under common law.

Whereas SEC federal rules 17a-6 and 17d-1, finalized on February 24, 2003, expanded the exemption for investment companies and funds to explicitly permit investments in affiliates.

Accordingly, NYPPEX recommended an exemption be provided to private funds, that if a state and federal securities regulation is in conflict, the federal securities regulation is to preempt the state’s securities regulation.

NYPPEX believes its recommendations to the SEC will provide greater protections to both investors as well as sponsors of private funds.

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