Expect Lower Returns Ahead for

Highly Leveraged Secondary Private Equity Funds

Expect Lower Returns Ahead for
Highly Leveraged Secondary Private Equity Funds

Some deleveraging already started in anticipation of higher interest rates

Secondary Private Equity Market Commentary 
by Laurence G. Allen

NYPPEX, one of the world’s leading providers of secondary market liquidity and data for interests in alternative funds, recently announced in its 1Q2022 Secondary Market Commentary, expectations for lower returns in highly leveraged secondary private equity funds beginning in the 2Q2022.

We believe lower returns will result in secondary funds (a) deleveraging (which started in the 4Q2021) or (b) maintaining leverage at higher interest expense. Either way, NYPPEX expects lower returns ahead for highly leveraged secondary private equity funds.

As a result, NYPPEX bid-offer price spreads widened in the 1Q2022 for interests in secondary private equity funds, depending on leverage.

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