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Market Commentary

NYPPEX: 10 Private Equity Firms with the Largest Exposure to the Retail Industry

May 26,2020

  • We believe this is a good time to evaluate risk exposure to the retail industry.
  • Below is an estimate by NYPPEX Portfolio Analytics of the 10 private equity firms with the largest exposure to the retail industry.

    1. Cxxx-----$32.3 billion
    2. Bxxx-----$25.7 billion
    3. Cxxx-----$24.8 billion
    4. Pxxx-----$22.2 billion
    5. Lxxx-----$21.2 billion
    6. Kxxx-----$21.2 billion
    7. Txxx-----$21.1 billion
    8. Axxx-----$16.0 billion
    9. Gxxx-----$15.7 billion
    10. Axxx-----$12.6 billion
  • Due to the confidential nature of this information, qualified clients seeking to evaluate their risk exposure to retail are welcome to privately request the identities of these funds by contacting or +1 (914) 305-2801.
  • In the secondary market, NYPPEX provides the opportunity for superior transaction speed and price execution through its NYPPEX QMS Platform™ and proactive marketing approach by our specialized professionals.

This market commentary is for informational purposes and qualified clients only. It is not a solicitation of a private transaction which may only be done through documents created by the private fund or private company and only in jurisdictions where permissible. Private placements may contain a high degree of risk.

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