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We’re at the early stages of the secondary private equity markets worldwide

At NYPPEX, our vision is simple – to help investors achieve their goals in alternative assets in a fair and ethical manner.

Although secondary private equity volume has set records in recent years, annual turnover still represents less than 2% of the market size of alternative investments worldwide.

Historically, as asset classes mature, investors evolve from buy and hold strategies to more active portfolio management to mitigate risk and optimize returns as secondary market liquidity, data and analytics become available.

When considering the alternative asset class is expected to grow to over $14 trillion[1] worldwide by the end of 2023,  we believe that secondary transaction volume is poised to grow substantially in the coming years.

To illustrate the potential growth by alternative asset strategy, the market size of Natural Resource funds is expected to increase approximately 300% to $800 billion, Private Debt to increase 100% to $1.4 trillion, Infrastructure to increase 100% to $1 trillion, Private Equity to increase 58% to $4.9 trillion, Real Estate to increase 50% to $1.2 trillion and Hedge funds to increase 31% to $4.7 trillion. 

The NYPPEX QMS Platform™, status as a Qualified Matching Service under IRS §1.7704-1 and our specialized professionals are focused on providing a great client experience based on fairness, efficiency and certainty – to what has historically been a time consuming, laborious and sometimes frustrating process.

Our services provide valuable benefits to general partners, limited partners, private companies and their shareholders – to manage risk, control costs and optimize returns with our deep pools of liquidity from investors in over 26 countries.

We provide liquidity to all 4 investor channels – Private Wealth, Mid-Institutional, Institutional and Mega Institutional for restricted interests in private equity funds, securities in private companies and their respective derivative instruments.

We look forward to being your trusted partner over the long-term as the secondary private equity market grows. 

As always, we appreciate your trust and confidence.  

Laurence G. Allen
Managing Member
Jeremy Kim
General Counsel
Michael J. Schunk
Chief Compliance Officer
[1] Source: Preqin

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