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Careers │ How to Join

Developing the next generation of leaders - in alternative assets

Who we seek

We are interested in hiring students, experienced professionals and independent contractors with the following qualities.


We value sharp minds that can see the importance of alternative assets and the future needs of clients.

At NYPPEX, you will find people with insatiable curiosity which has led to innovations for our clients.

No matter where you come from, we welcome exceptional thinkers of all types to join our team.


We seek people that can express much in few words. This involves the art of describing complexities in a simple way.

The ability to deliver a persuasive presentation is considered a core competency at NYPPEX.


We seek people that have a deep desire to succeed.

Our people have conviction in their beliefs and take action during adverse market conditions.

We value people that can demonstrate prior success particularly against challenges.

Transfer Administration

Manage a specialist book of sell and buy orders in private equity funds or private companies.

What we offer

We offer internships, full-time and part-time opportunities worldwide.


We are a meritocracy, where everyone is treated the same.

Advancements are based solely on performance, loyalty and the ability to motivate others.

Many of our managers evaluate themselves quarterly based on goals we mutually set.

Wealth creation

We provide equity participation opportunities in NYPPEX Holdings to most of our employees.

Unlike other firms, our compensation structure does not have caps. We believe in rewarding performance and the saying ‘sky is the limit’.

We enable employees to participate in deal warrants, in addition to the cash fees.


The NYPPEX leadership development programs seek to be the best in the alternative asset industry.

You will be assigned a mentor who will advise you throughout the program. Once completed, we remain flexible as to future career paths.

Our professionals never stop learning as we offer onsite and online courses to ensure they remain a thought leader to our clients.

Secondary Advisory

Manage client relationships and structure deals to arrange liquidity.

Our private equity development programs

Secondary Advisory

Manage client relationships with private equity funds, private companies, investors, financial institutions. Originate, structure and/or place secondary private equity transactions.

Transfer Administration

Manage a specialist book of sell and buy orders in assigned private equity funds and private companies. Execute orders and supervise private equity transfers.

Placement Agency

Manage client relationships with qualified investors. Present private equity funds and companies to raise capital. Negotiate deal terms and manage closings.


Mine data and evaluate information to identify trends, write algorithms. Author industry leading reports on private equity market trends, funds and companies.

Portfolio Management

Utilize our data analytics to invest our capital wisely in private companies, private equity funds and their derivative instruments. Present sponsored funds in roadshows, author reports and manage relationships with investors.

Technology Development

Design or write code to develop great software to manage private equity transactions or for data and information management systems.

Finance, Legal & Operations Administration

Supervise people and transactions for regulatory compliance and to meet our ethical standards. Manage relationships with service providers and securities regulators.

Portfolio Management

Utilize data analytics to invest our capital wisely in alternative assets.

What our people say

The NYPPEX private equity development program taught me how to quickly identify a client’s problem and create a winning solution.  

As promised, after completing the program, I was assigned client relationships which have provided me a tremendous opportunity.

Vice President, Advisor

I learned how to create financial reports at a high standard in the NYPPEX finance administration development program.

Although it helps that our funds have performed well, it is nice to hear from investors that our reporting transparency is among the best they see.

Associate, Finance Administration

In the NYPPEX technology development program,  I was amazed to learn about systems and tools for solving private equity investors’ anticipated challenges in 2-3 years.  

It’s cool to work on visionary services and that my software may be adopted someday.

Software Engineer

Placement Agency

Raise private capital for private equity funds and private companies.

Preparing to apply

Do your homework

Start by determining which areas of NYPPEX you’re interested in and why

Prepare to explain (a) specifically what interests you about each area, and (b) traits and skills you have that would make you successful in those areas.

Plan your timeline:

Draw connections

Its about drawing connections between your traits & skills and the role you seek at NYPPEX.

Make your case why you believe you will be successful at NYPPEX.

Prepare 1 business and 1 character reference.

Common mistakes

Be accurate when representing your skills. If you state “advanced excel”, be prepared to discuss macros, pivot tables and data analysis.

Ask good questions such as about our culture or the interviewer’s personal experiences. Avoid asking questions you could have learned the answers from our web site.

Follow-up within 24 hours by email. If you don’t hear back as to definitive next steps, keep following up every 3-5 days by email.

Apply to Join & Application Status

Application checklist

Plan to send a resume and cover letter.

1. Cover Letter
Please explain why you believe your skills and traits would be a good fit for the areas you are applying.:
2. Information to consider including
a. Contact Information

Current address, email, preferred contact number and preferred job location if hired.

b. Education

University degrees and dates.

c. Grades & Exam Results

Information regarding your grades and special exams you have taken and your scores.

d. Language Skills

Information regarding your proficiency of other languages.

Apply to join

To submit your resume and cover letter, please click here.

Application status

To follow-up on the status of your application, please click here.

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