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Our Story

In 1998, private equity was becoming a core asset class for sophisticated investors along with domestic stocks, international stocks, fixed income and real estate.

Our vision was that private equity investors would increasingly seek financial services that were available in core asset classes – liquidity, deal flow, price data and risk management tools.

NYPPEX was the pioneer in developing those specialized private equity market services and the first intermediary to execute secondary transfers of interests in both private equity funds and private companies.

NYPPEX is the world’s leading marketplace offering…

…the widest range of private equity products for risk management

Private Equity Fund Strategies
Private Company Industries

Private fund strategies include buyout, venture, fund of funds, real estate, energy & natural resources, infrastructure, distressed debt, secondary, mezzanine, hedge and their respective derivative instruments such as total return swaps.

Private company industries include telecom, media, industrials, manufacturing, clean tech, oil & gas, mobile, life sciences, SaaS, cybersecurity, ecommerce, health and wellness, fintech, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and their respective derivative instruments such as call and put options.

We operate the NYPPEX QMS Platform™, which focuses on:

  • Issuer-controlled secondary private equity transfer programs
  • Enterprise level data and cyber security systems - to protect client’s non-public confidential information
  • Regulatory compliance – our IRS 1.77 private letter ruling provides a high level of comfort to clients
  • Private transaction efficiency – to minimize client time required in transactions
  • Probable and superior price execution – through proprietary price data and proactive marketing

Since 2006, leading financial institutions have selected NYPPEX to provide their clients with recurring access to the secondary private equity markets worldwide in a fair and ethical manner.

Access private market liquidity in every transaction size at NYPPEX…

…from all qualified investor channels worldwide

Private Wealth

< $5 million


$6-25 million


$26-100 million

Mega Institutional

$100+ million

Our clients include:

  • Financial institutions
  • Alternative investment firms
  • Private companies
  • Qualified investors
  • Asset Managers
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Corporations
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Family Offices
  • Government Sponsored Enterprises
  • Insurance Companies
  • Public & Private Pensions
  • Secondary Funds
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

NYPPEX has the world’s most extensive price data on over…

…9,500 private equity funds and 4,500 private companies in 110 countries

We maintain proprietary secondary market price indications on over 9,500 private equity funds and 4,500 private companies headquartered in 110+ countries.

NYPPEX Data™ enables investors to support GAAP and IFRS compliant financial statements by taking into consideration our secondary bid indications to independently estimate fair values in accordance with FASB Topic 820 (fair value measurement and disclosure guidelines).

The NYPPEX IRS Private Letter Ruling facilitates regulatory compliance…

…for secondary private equity sellers and buyers under IRS Reg. 1.7704

In 2004, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service granted a rare Private Letter Ruling to the NYPPEX Qualified Matching Service (“NYPPEX QMS”) in connection with U.S. Treasury Regulation §1.7704-1(g) (“IRS 1.7704”).

IRS 1.7704 prohibits general partners from actively participating in secondary interest transfers in their sponsored partnerships and requires transfers to be categorized under an available safe-harbor exemption (the “Publicly-Traded Partnership Rules”).

If the IRS finds that a private partnership violated IRS 1.7704, the partnership will be re-classified and taxed as a corporation – retroactive to the date of the first violation. We believe this would lead to a class action lawsuit by investors against the general partner for gross negligence.

NYPPEX is recognized internationally…

…for leadership in secondary private equity transactions

In 2014, the Shanghai Municipality in Shanghai, China approved NYPPEX as one of the first foreign financial firms accepted into the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. (Note: The others were Oaktree, Citadel and Man Group)

The Shanghai Free-Trade Zone (SFTZ) is the first free trade zone in mainland China and permits tax-free foreign exchange and yuan convertibility. The SFTZ is a testing ground for various economic and social reforms in China.

NYPPEX is often quoted in the media, which has included – Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Pensions & Investments, Reuters, Private Equity International, China Daily, Al Jazeera, The Moskow Times and the India Times.

NYPPEX fintech businesses are shaping…

…the future of private equity risk management

Other fintech driven subsidiaries or affiliates at NYPPEX include:

ACP Investment Group, an SEC registered investment advisor, sponsors quant-driven private equity, hedge funds and separately managed accounts. ACP enables NYPPEX to act as a principal investor typically upon request by sellers.

Funds IQ, a SaaS company, develops portfolio risk management systems. Funds IQ enables investors to generate risk management reports 24/7 on their private equity portfolio and selected private equity funds. Among its analytic tools, Funds IQ provides a proprietary rating system that evaluates private equity funds from a secondary market perspective.

Prosado, a web search system, enables investors to find private equity service providers for projects such as Audits, Valuation, Tax, Legal and Management Consulting. Prosado is pioneering voice search on mobile devices, which will speed up the selection of private equity service providers in the future.

NYPPEX Technologies enable broker-dealers, registered investment advisors and other financial institutions to license the NYPPEX QMS Platform™ and offer our products and services. This provides our partners the opportunity to attract and retain ultra-high net worth private clients and institutional investors with alternative assets.

NYPPEX is headquartered in Rye Brook, New York.

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Request Bid | Private Funds

Request a free in-house bid indication from NYPPEX

(e.g. Bain Capital Fund XII, LP)
(e.g. $10,000,000)

Note: Bid indications expressed a percentage of fund’s most recent quarter’s stated net asset value and are non-firm in compliance with U.S. Treasury Regulations §1.7704-1 (g), also known as the publicly-traded partnership or PTP rules.

Please allow 2 business days for NYPPEX to respond. Bid indications are subject to market conditions and may change without notice.

NYPPEX estimates secondary bids on over 9,500 private equity funds and 4,500 private companies headquartered in 110 countries.

Request a free in-house bid indication from NYPPEX

(e.g. Airbnb)
(e.g. Series E)
(e.g. 1,000,000 Shares)

Note: Bid indications are non-firm in compliance with U.S. Treasury Regulations §1.7704 (g), subject to market conditions and may change without notice.

Please allow 2 business days for NYPPEX to respond.

NYPPEX estimates secondary bids on over 9,500 private equity funds and 4,500 private companies headquartered in 110 countries.