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Market Commentary

NYPPEX: 2020 Best & Worst Buyout Funds
in Europe

March 5, 2021

  • NYPPEX believes that 2020 served as an excellent stress test year for evaluating the relative performance of buyout fund strategies in Europe, North America and Asia/Rest of World.
  • Waterland Private Equity Fund III headquartered in The Netherlands was ranked as the number 1 European buyout fund in 2020 by NYPPEX. Return performance was based on net investment multiple since a fund’s inception. Eligible funds had at least $500 million in capital commitments and 2015-2020 vintages.
  • Waterland’s buyout strategy focuses on conducting a top-down analysis of markets or industries that have long-term growth potential or other economic fundamentals favorable to a consolidation strategy, such as an aging population, outsourcing & digitalization, leisure & luxury and sustainability.
  • Regions for the top 10 European buyout funds in 2020 were diverse and comprised of the United Kingdom (3), Sweden (2), Italy, Jersey, France, Switzerland and The Netherlands.
  • Institutional and other qualified purchaser investors are welcome to request a confidential copy of the NYPPEX: 2020 Best & Worst Buyout Funds Worldwide report at

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The NYPPEX Qualified Matching Service (QMS) received a rare private letter ruling from the U.S. IRS in 2004 formally recognizing its ability to provide a QMS safe-harbor exemption for private partnerships to permit a higher volume of secondary interest transfers annually. NYPPEX is regulated in the U.S. by the SEC and FINRA. Member SIPC.

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